Please disable your adblocker or sign up to our ad-free subscription. His luck had run out (=there was none left). 3 run out of steam informal (also run out of gas American English) FINISH/USE ALL OF something. Running Rampantの同義語(Running Rampantの他の単語やフレーズ) - ページ 2. run out. get rid of; 流す ... pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities. : 2人の男がわずか数メートル先でけんかを始めるや否や、私たちは慌てふためいてクラブから走りだした。 And he was gone, and out of sight on the swift galloping Benito, before Father Gaspara bethought himself. 無料で使える英検公式サービス。 スタディギア for EIKENは、英検準1〜5級に 対応した英検公式の英語学習サービスです。 Find out more here: Benefits of premium. The entire herd of gazelles started running at the sight of a cheetah. Running Rampantの別の言い方? It was so cold outside, that I ran into the house, and turned on the heater. run out on sb/sth; run out of time; run out of steam idiom; run out the clock idiom; run sb out of town (on a rail) idiom; 全ての意味を見る break run out(同義語) ユン: ユンノリ: ユンノリで使用する4本の棒。これを投げて裏表で出目を決める。 出目率表: ユンノリ: ゲーム名: 韓国のすごろくのようなゲーム。気軽に遊べるが奥が深い要素もある。 ユン: よろ: 略語: よろしくお願いします、の略 イタリア語 英語; 1. capacità di rimanere concentrato (女性名詞) attentiveness (名詞): 2. fare rimanere (他動) 同義語: lasciare, abbandonare, attenuare, calmare to dull (動詞): 3. rimanere a casa (自動詞) 同義語: stare a casa, restare a casa to stay in (自動詞): 4. freak out blow a gasket blow one's stack blow one's top come unglued flip one's lid flip out fly off the handle go ape go ballistic go bananas go berserk go haywire go nuts go off the deep end hit the ceiling lose control of oneself lose one's composure lose one's cool lose one's mind lose one's temper wig out … 同義語として “expire” が挙げられますが、”run out” の方が口語的で “expire” の方が少しフォーマルな表現です。 My contract will run out next month, so I’m going to renew it today. sandとは。意味や和訳。[名]1 U砂;C砂粒,砂時計の砂(粒)a grain of sand1粒の砂built on [upon] (the) sand砂上に築いた,きわめて不安定な( 聖書より)1a 〔通例~s〕砂地,砂浜;砂州;砂漠1b U《地学》砂岩2 U砂色( 黄褐色)3 〔the ~s〕((文学))時刻,時間;寿命before the sands of time run out(定め … pour forth spill. 漏らす 撒き散らす 零す. But Lucy had noted, out of the corner of her watchful eye, the arrival of Miss Grains, indignant and perspiring. : そのパイロットは、燃料が切れかけていることに気付き … runの文脈に沿ったReverso Contextの英語-日本語の翻訳: 例文to run, run on, run away, run in, run out 翻訳 スペルチェック 同義語 動詞の活用 もっと見る 不十分であると分かる. ・The plane may have run out of fuel. Sol laughed out of his whiskers, with a big, loose-rolling sound, and sat on the porch without waiting to be asked. パニック状態 {じょうたい} で[慌 {あわ} てふためいて]~から走りだす ・When two guys started fighting just a few meters away, we started running out of the club in a panic. use up all one's strength and energy and stop working. Hawking said that moving into space could also help humans still on Earth. run down, peter out, poop out, conk out, run out. to suddenly lose the energy or interest to continue doing what you are doing: The peace talks seem to have run out of steam. 類義語辞典: 同義語と関連した言葉. ... 言い換え. イタリア語 英語; 1. esaurito: exausted 2. esaurito (形容詞) 同義語: consumata, consumato, esaurita, bruciato spent (形容詞) 3. esaurito (形容詞) 同義語: consumata, consumato, esaurita burnt out → steam コーパスの例 run out of steam • His passion is to say if the constitutional model has run out of steam, change it. 意義素 (意味の分類) 対応する類語・関連語. We have been running for nearly 10 years and keep adding new tools and improving all our existing tools. [類語・類義語(同義語)辞典]類語・同義語、さまざまな言葉の別の言い回しや表現の違う言い方(言い表し方・言い換え)を検索。 液体を流し出すことで何かを空にすること:和英・英文・翻訳 The most High hath created medicines out of the earth, and a wise man will not abhor them. 同義語: s'écouler, s'épuiser: to run out (動詞) 28. sortir en marche arrière (動詞) to back out (動詞) 29. sortir en trombe (動詞) to burst out (動詞) 30. sortir en vitesse (動詞) 同義語: arracher: to tear out (動詞) 31. sortir le soir (動詞) to have a night out (動詞) 32. sortir précipitamment (動詞) "There's just one thing I'd like to ask, if you don't mind," said Cynthia, coming suddenly out of a brown study. If that happens, humans will need space colonies to live. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? FINISH/COME TO AN END. スペイン語 に 英語 オンライン辞書。スペルと文法をチェックします。 スペイン語-英語 の翻訳。上 400,000 英語 の翻訳 スペイン語 の単語やフレーズ。 prove insufficient. Another word for run out. It is difficult to get water from another source if you run out of water in the cistern. 1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 - run out of とは【意味】を使い果たす,を切らす... 【例文】We have run out of fuel and food.... 「run out of」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書 “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. Most of the men leaped up, caught hold of spears or knives, and rushed out. 1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 - out とは【意味】外に,外部に... 【例文】go out for a walk... 「out」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書 : その飛行機は、燃料切れを起こしたのかもしれません。 ・The pilot realized (that) he was running out of fuel. Join our early testers! Prices start at $5/month. run out ofの意味・質問・用例. caducar = depose. 「run into ~」を日本語に訳すと「~にぶつかる」または「~に駆け込む」という意味 になります。 I was running to class and I ran into a girl. if an agreement, official document etc runs out, the period for which it is legal or has an effect ends 類義語 expire My contract runs out in September. to run outの文脈に沿ったReverso Contextの英語-日本語の翻訳: 例文to run out of, going to run out, want to run out, about to run out Before he could finish the sentence the Hole-keeper said snappishly, "Well, drop out again—quick! run-outのページの著作権 類語辞典 情報提供元は 参加元一覧 にて確認できます。 ビジネス | 業界用語 | コンピュータ | 電車 | 自動車・バイク | 船 | 工学 | 建築・不動産 | 学問 And that was that if he and his wife were to ever live together again and be happy, the family were to be kept out of it. cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out … Find more ways to say run out, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. run out of steam (also lose steam) TIRED. What Is An Em Dash And How Do You Use It? Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. 不可解の意味,類義語,同義語とは? 得心が行かないの意味,類義語,同義語とは? 納得が行かないの意味,類義語,同義語とは? 釈然としないの意味,例文,使い方,類義語,同義語とは? 解せないの意味,類義語,同義語とは? 首を捻るの意味,類義語,同義語とは? 教室まで走っていき、女の子にぶつかりました。 ※ranはrunの過去形 . Once the supply has been stopped, the water in the cistern itself can be removed by flushing the WC. の同義語 run off with の同義語 run of luck の同義語 run of notes の同義語 run of the mill の同義語 run-of-the-mill の同義語 runon の同義語 run out の同義語 run out of の同義語 run out of gas の同義語 run out of steam の同義語 run out of town Squinty could look out, but the slats were as close together as those in a chicken coop, and the little pig could not get out. ". аканчиваться, иссякать, истекать…, 無料ウィジェットをゲットする, 無料検索ボックスウィジェットを使って、自分のサイトにCambridge辞典の力を加える。, 言葉が出てこないことがないように、今すぐ辞典アプリを閲覧しましょう。, 無料で単語リストとクイズを作る, 最近見たページとおすすめのページ, 文の中に不快な内容が含まれている. すべての人の強さおよびエネルギーを使い果たし、働くことをやめる. 2. ... fly out of sight of the operators and deliver packages. しかし、成功を収めた(直訳:ホームランを打った)、または飛びぬけた成功を収めた(直訳:場外ホームランを飛ばした)人は、何かを大変をうまく成し遂げました。 See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. 同義語. Hawking said, “We are running out of space, and the only places to go are other worlds.” He also said that one day a giant rock from space could hit the Earth. run out of steam. to no longer have the energy or the desire to continue doing something, especially because you are tired I usually just let her yell until she runs out of steam. 詳しく見る. Liszt looked at it, and to her fright and dismay cried out in a fit of impatience, "No, I won't hear it!".